International Legal Studies

The post-graduate LL.M. degree course in International Legal Studies at the University of Vienna / Law School is a 1 year full time or a 2 year half time program. This program aims at deepening the knowledge of fundamental structures and specific issues in international law. Students acquire knowledge and skills that are of importance for the practice of international law, in international organizations, governmental agencies, as well as in internationally operating law firms and enterprises.

Short Facts

Academic degree
LL.M. - Master of Laws
2 semesters full-time / 4 semesters part-time
EUR 11,000
Application deadline
15 September 2020 - only for applicants not in need of a Schengenvisa!
annualy in October

 Professor August Reinisch, Director of the master program "International Legal Studies"


Start October 2020

The next start of the LL.M. program "International Legal Studies" is in October 2020. Should the current situation not allow a regular commencement with participants physically present, we will offer the course via blended learning respectively online. In case you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the program management: