Diversity competence – continuing education and training program aimed at strengthening social, professional and leadership competences

Qualification for handling diversity competently – through an academically sound and practically relevant continuing education and training program

In six modules, participants of this certificate program deal with the history and definition of the concept of diversity, the individual and collective significance of social diversity, human rights-oriented approaches to diversity awareness (anti-discrimination, awareness and skill building measures) and concepts of business management relating to these issues as well as the significance of diversity knowledge for organisations and executive staff.

The goal of this program is to make the diversity of work environments, organisations and life-worlds visible and to help participants understand them better, thus empowering them in their civil society participation and in their private and professional roles. This program enables processes for personality development through reflexive exchange, team work and supervision, thus also strengthening social, professional and leadership competences.



Short Facts

Certificate of the University of Vienna
1 semester (extra occupational)
15 ECTS Credits
€ 3,500.-
annually in October