Graduation 2013

The sixth edition of the graduation ceremony of the LL.M. Program in International Legal Studies took place at the Great Ceremony Hall of the University of Vienna on 25th September 2013. After an entertaining dinner at the Gösser Bierklinik with part-timers and newly incoming students the night before, 18 students from 14 countries were conferred the LL.M. degree together with about 20 further graduates from the LL.M. Program in European and International Business Law to the music of Händel, Mozart, and Schubert.

The graduates came from the following countries: Algeria, Argentina, Aserbaidjan, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Italy, Kasachstan, Poland, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, and Venezuela.

This year, we were unable to award the distinction of “ best student of the year” because three graduates actually excelled equally well with outstanding grades (as well as the best students of previous years). This accolade was therefore shared between three graduates each achieving ten A grades in the finals of 13 different subjects, namely by Francisco Cravero (Argentina/Italy), Nicolas Alberto Ojeda Zavala (Chile) and Michal Jacek Wolanski (Poland).

Francisco Cravero’s thesis was supervised by Prof. August Reinisch and entitled: "Compliance and Enforcement of ICSID awards: has the case of Argentina revealed a need to modify the ICSID Convention?".

Mr. Alberto Ojeda’s thesis was supervised by Prof. August Reinisch and entitled:"The World Bank Inspection Panel: an Assessment of the Inspection Panel’s Role in Environmental Issues".

Mr. Michal Wolanski’s thesis was supervised by Prof. August Reinisch and entitled: "The validity of intra-EU BITs under international law and EU law in the light of the new investment competence of the EU after the Lisbon Treaty".