Journal 'motorik'

The journal 'motorik' features articles (in German) by the program director, Prof. Otmar Weiß:

Article Effizientes Lernen: Psychomotorische Lehr- und Lernmethode


Special issue Psychomotorik in der Schule

Graduation ceremony

On 17 May 2024, the graduation ceremony of the 12th Psychomotricity university continuing education programme 2022-2024 took place in the Main Ceremonial Hall of the University of Vienna. Thirteen graduates received the certificate in psychomotor diagnostics/motodiagnostics and the academic degree ‘Master of Arts’. In his speech, the program director, Prof. Otmar Weiß, emphasised the significance of movement for cognitive and social learning processes, as well as for personality development. Education requires a physical-sensual experience, and the children’s urge to move can serve as a means to strengthen their identity.