Psychomotricity is a new academic discipline that focuses on movement, learning and personality development. The main emphasis of the psychomotricity university continuing education programme is on the psychomotor teaching and learning method. Learning is possible via the exchange between the organism and its environment. Body image and sensory integration (activation and interaction of all senses) build the basis of abstract thinking. Learning or grasping numbers, letters, words or more complex contents while using several senses is efficient and is enabled through motor and perceptual learning.

Motor and perceptual learning pushes intrinsic motivation, which is the kind of motivation that exists within individuals. It leads us to create our own ideas and make our own, autonomous decisions on what to do, based on what we like and enjoy, and what we find meaningful. Of particular importance in this context are good social relationships as well as emotional security, the creation of which is a goal of psychomotor teaching and learning methods.