Module 4 - Response and Recovery (11 ECTS Credits)

Module outcomes:

  • Transmit basic knowledge on the system of coping and recovery in disaster management.
  • Positioning coping and recovery strategies within the integrated disaster management cycle.
  • Analysis of specific challenges for the operative units.

Key competences:

On completion of the module, students will have obtained knowledge on …

  • Practical exercises in crisis communication and the European Civil Protection Mechanism;
  • the key terms and key issues of medical and psychosocial emergency assistance and are able to administer first aid as well as psychological first aid;
  • the special situation of companies in disaster situations and are able to develop solutions to typical problems through practical exercises;
  • Graduates are familiar with the processes of response staff and are able to contribute their knowledge in relevant subject areas of response staff;
  •  the fundamental principles of crisis communication and are able to apply them as required;
  • the basics of the European Civil Protection Mechanism and are able to implement the fundamental Host Nation Support for disaster relief teams arriving on the scene;