Module 5 - Exercises (6 ECTS Credits)

Module outcomes:

  • Application of the theoretical and practical principles of leadership.
  • Understanding the distinctive leadership structures in disaster management.
  • Knowledge of communication flows during (staff work) emergency operation procedures.
  • Practical implementation of the command and control principles and procedure (identification of the situation – depiction of the situation  – assessment of the situation – decision – execution planning – mission – monitoring)


Key competences:

On completion of the module, students will have obtained knowledge on …

  • the command and control principles, the command and control procedure as well as basics of command and control and are able to apply them in practice to solve problems;
  • how to organize, structure and lead an (integrated and operating) command staff based on the National Crisis and Disaster Protection Management (SKKM);
  • the processes of command staff and are able to contribute their knowledge in relevant subject areas of a command staff;
  • the methods of situation reports in accordance with the SKKM and are able to provide a clear overview in case of major disasters;
  • the structure and organization of an (integrated and operating) command staff. They are able to apply their knowledge in an operational command unit and in relevant subject areas of an (integrated and operating) command staff;
  • the basics of exercise theory/methodology and are able to independently prepare and organize (staff) exercises.
  • how to independently prepare relevant documents for staff work.