Module 6 - Excursion/Field Trip (10 ECTS Credits)

Module outcomes:

  • Participants deepen the knowledge and skills acquired during the program on field trips in Austria or abroad;
  • Participants apply their knowledge to specific regional characteristics. They analyze the local conditions as well as the region’s external networks and structures.
  • Presentation of current research issues and applications of risk prevention and disaster management in a specific regional example;
  • Consolidation of perspectives of research and analysis taught in the continuing education and training program “as part of a concrete example” on site.
  • The professional exchange with experts on site aims at broadening participants’ knowledge of the region and facilitating the consolidation of knowledge at an interregional level;

Key competences:

On completion of the module, students will have obtained knowledge on …

  • Ability to transfer knowledge based on abstract and structured background knowledge;
  • Disposition (ability and willingness) to deal with uncertainties and interinstitutional interferences;
  • Communication skills and social competences (ability to engage in discourse, ability to work in teams, reliability);
  • Ability to cope with stress;
  • Disposition (ability and willingness) to get involved with the “unfamiliar” and willingness to reflect on and revise previous notions of risk prevention and disaster management.