Module 7 - Elective Modules (6 ECTS Credits)

Note: A total of 10 elective modules will be initially offered. Depending on the demand, the majority but not all of these elective courses will take place. Two of these elective modules must be successfully completed in order to complete the module.

Participants may choose two of the following modules:


Elective Module 7a - Disaster Logistics, Actors and Missions in Humanitarian Aid (Case Studies and Exercises) (3 ECTS Credits)
Elective Module 7b - CBRN-Hazards and Mitigation Strategies (3 ECTS Credits)
Elective Module 7c - Critical Infrastructure: Vulnerability, Protection Possibilities, Strategies and Case Studies (3 ECTS Credits)
Elective Module 7d - Exercise regarding the potential consequences of extreme events and global change (3 ECTS Credits)
Elective Module 7e - International, European and Austrian Legislation concerning Risk Prevention and Disaster Management (3 ECTS Credits)
Elective Module 7f - Psychological Aspects in the Context of Risk Prevention and Disaster Management (Theories and Methods of Crisis Intervention) (3 ECTS Credits)
Elective Module 7g - Risk Management for Organisations and Systems (3 ECTS Credits)
Elective module 7h – Foundations of Emergency Medicine (3 ECTS Credits)
Elective module 7i – Living with Risk: Social Vulnerability and Resilience to Natural Disasters (3 ECTS Credits)
Elective modules 7j – Quantitative Analysis of Extreme Risks and their Change (3 ECTS Credits)