Module Overview


  • Module 1 - Foundations of Risk Prevention and Disaster Management
      Courses ECTS Credits
    Foundations of Risk Prevention and Disaster Management

    Introduction to Risk Prevention and Disaster Management

    Legal and Organisational Aspects

    New Media in Risk Prevention and Disaster Management – Current Theoretical Approaches and Practical Applications

    Geodata for Risk Prevention and Disaster Management

    Disaster Management – Foundations and “Best Practice”

    Academic Research and Writing I



  • Module 2 - Impact
      Courses ECTS Credits

    Natural Hazards

    Technological Hazards

    Social and other Hazards

    Socioeconomic Context of Disasters

    Critical Infrastructures: Vulnerability, Protection Possibilities, Strategies and Case Studies

    Risk Management for Organisations and Systems

  • Module 3 - Risk Prevention and Mitigation Strategies
      Courses ETCS Credits
    Risk Preventation and Mitigation Strategies

    Legal, Political and Socioeconmonic Fundamentals of Risk Prevention

    Fundamentals of Risk Assessment and Scenario Analysis

    Spatially based Risk Palnning and technical Risk Managemnts

    Strategic, Tactial and Operational Diaster Management (on a National and International Scale)

    State-wide Disaster Prevention and Risk Governance (Models and Control Mechanisms)

    Risk Communicaton

    Application of Risk Management Strategies to Case Studies



  • Module 4 - Response and Recovery
      Courses ETCS Credis
    Response and Recovery

    Medial, Psychological and Social Aspects of Diaster Relief

    Leadership techniques (staff work)

    Crisis Communication

    European Civil Protection Mechanism

  • Module 5 - Exercises
      Lehrveranstaltungen ECTS Credits

    Theory and Methods for the organisation of Exercises

    Integrated Staff Work/Simulation



  • Module 6 - Excursion
      Courses ECTS Credits
    Excursion Excursion/Field Trip 10
  • Module 7 - optional/elective modules (2 out of 10 must be completed)
      Courses ECTS Credits
    optional/elective courses

    Humanitarian Aid

    CBRN Hazards

    Responses to Extreme Events and Global Change

    International and National Disaster Law

    Psychological Aspects of Disasters

    Foundations of Emergency Medicine

    Living with Risk: Social Vulnerability and Resilience to Natural Disasters

    Quantitative Analysis of Extreme Risks and their Change

    Artificial intelligence in Risk Prevention and Disaster Management

    Interdisciplinary research in the context of natural hazards, vulnerability and disasters

    á 3
  • Module 8 - Applied Module
      Courses ECTS Credits
    Applied Module Training 5
  • Module 9 - Academic Research and Writing
      Courses ECTS Credits
    Master's Thesis - Research Seminar

    Academic Research and Writing II

    Research Seminar in Preparation for Master Thesis

  • Master's Thesis and Master's Examination

    Please also see the current list of authorized master’s theses supervisors for the university continuing education and training program in Risk Prevention and Disaster Management.