Module 1 - Fundamentals of Risk Prevention and Disaster Management (5 ECTS)


Module Goals:

  • Conveying the goals of the course and integrating these into everyday practice with focus on risk prevention and disaster management.
  • Relaying a broad overview of basic strategies and models of risk prevention and disaster management.
  • Introducing the integrated risk assessment and disaster management cycle, including the activities included in each of the phases.
  • Highlighting terminologies and differences in terminologies (e.g. risk, vulnerability and resilience).
  • Presentation of the most important stakeholders including their functions and tasks.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of the module students will have obtained knowledge on …

  • Risk- and disaster management as permanent and interlinked processes including basic strategies and models (cycles).
  • Terminologies, glossaries, technical terms, strategies in risk and disaster management.
  • Governmental and non-governmental, national and international stakeholders, their tasks and principles.
  • Governmental and non-governmental actions during disaster scenarios including legal, organisational and social basics of processes and decision-making.
  • Factors relating to vulnerability and resilience of elements at risk.
  • The historic development of disaster management.
  • Sources for further information and relevant data.