Module 4 - Response and Recovery (18 ECTS)

Module Goals:

  • Transmit basic knowledge on the system of coping and recovery in disaster management.
  • Positioning coping and recovery strategies within the integrated disaster management cycle.
  • Analysis of specific challenges for the operative units.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of the module, students will have obtained knowledge on …

  • The particular role of Businesses during a disaster and the ability to develop practical solutions for typical problems through case studies and exercises.
  • Procedures for emergency operations (staff in action) and the application of the acquired knowledge during a disaster relief scenario.
  • Principles of crisis communication (including the use of social media) and its application.
  • Terminologies and challenges of medical, psychological and social emergency relief as well as physical and psychological first aid.
  • Important aspects of documentation and evaluation in disaster relief and its role in improving the resilience of the society. The “European Civil Protection Mechanism” and will be able to execute basic “Host Nation Support” for arriving relief Units.